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Organizational Structure and Purpose of the Position Local Chapter Presidents serve under the direction of and work closely with State Coordinators and Regional Directors. Their primary responsibility is to lead their chapters in upholding and promoting the mission and purpose of Mocha Moms, Inc.   The North Fulton Mocha Mom Chapter President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and other officers are elected by members of their chapters in accordance with chapter bylaws. 




dyamond jackson

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Head of Membership and Family Affairs

What is a Mocha Mom?

A Mocha Mom is a woman of color who desires to enrich herself, nurture her family and engage in the community through meaningful relationships and interactions with other moms. She may be a stay-at-home or full/part-time working mom; she may be single or married. She can be a grandmother, family or state-mandated guardian who is responsible for rearing children. Lastly, a Mocha Mom is also anyone who supports the mission of supporting mothers of color.

How did Mocha Moms, Inc. begin?

Four Maryland women who wanted to connect mothers of color across the country, and who were taking time off from their careers to raise their children, founded it in 1997. It first began as a newsletter intended to encourage at-home mothers of color to feel good about their choice and to provide information to enrich their parenting experience. The idea quickly caught on and the women decided to form the organization that we know today.

What is the Mission and Purpose of the organization?

The primary mission is to support and encourage women who are making parenting a priority during this season in their lives. Mocha Moms, Inc. serves as an advocate mothers of color and encourages the spirit of community activism within its membership.

Why does Mocha Moms, Inc. exist? Why do you need a group for moms of color?

Mocha Moms, Inc. exists in part to set the record straight. Families of color are making great sacrifices in order to provide their children the opportunity to have an at-home mother. Women of color are joining the growing ranks of mothers who are choosing parenting over a paycheck. The organization is essential because, historically, mothers of color, particularly African-American mothers, have not had the opportunity to devote a significant amount of time caring for their own families. Many in this new generation are staying at home with little support from society and, sometimes, without the approval and understanding of their own families. Further, there are many cultural differences that warrant a group like Mocha Moms, Inc. – so mothers of color can address their specific needs and discuss many of the issues their children of color will face as they enter school and grow up.

Is this just an organization for women of color? What are the requirements for membership?

Mocha Moms welcomes people of all religions, races, educational backgrounds and income levels. It is open to anyone who supports its mission. The requirements for membership are minimal, just $70 for yearly dues and support for the mission and purpose.